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    Question Need help with setup for 03 gt micro sprint

    I have a 2003 American GT chassis, and i was told that they only made a hand full of these chassis. looking for someone that can give me some help or insight on how to make this car faster. I was also told that it is the same as a 2001 PMP chassis, but every chassis has it's own little differences. The car is a coil over front and torsion rear. If any can give some help i would greatly apreciate it.

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    GT American made a lot of quarter midgets (and still do) and made a few micros in California. Although it hasn't been updated in a while, their website is Might be worthwhile to try some of the contacts on that page to see if you can get some info. And I believe they are pretty similar to PMPs. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the info, but i have already called gt themselves and they said that they don't make the micros anymore and they don't have any of the information anymore. I did try to call a couple of the names that they have listed for dealers and they told me that they would give my number to the guy that built the cars, but I have not heard anything more. Again thanks for the info. If you know of anyone that has one and can give me some that would be great.

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