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    Default Trail-Way Limited Stock / Championship Scramble Car

    I'm selling all of my cars and parts to move into micros, first is my 93 Probe GT which just won the Scramble Car Championship at Trail-way Speedway with a rookie driver. This car has 10 scramble wins (4 this past season) and has finished 1st, 5th and 2nd in scramble points.

    2nd is a 93 Probe GT 5 speed, has a blown motor but already has a roll cage and had been raced a few times earlier in the season. It will need some work to become race ready again but can be done with the spare parts I have, it was bought as a backup to the other car.

    3rd is a 95 Probe GT, no transmission or clutch pedal (used for the championship car), engine does not run (has a broken timing belt), and some parts have been swapped with the championship car. Everything else is there, interior is complete, all glass is there and all body panels are in good condition.

    Spare Parts: 2 spare wheels, spare wheel and tire, 4 spare tires, 3 front struts, front knuckle, hub and brake caliper, rear suspension cradle with swaybar, left rear strut, left side arms and hub, 3 radiator and fan assemblies, 1 repairable radiator, Butler seat, set of G-Force belts, 2 alternators, distributor, 2 accessory belt tensioners, mass air flow sensor, underdrive pulley(new never installed), 2 spare distributor caps, spark plug wire set, upper engine block, 2 cylinder heads, intake, stock 93 2.5L V6 (original engine from championship car, was running when taken out, needs all accessories and intake put back on it), and some various other things.

    $1200 for everything I have, all 3 cars and all parts, or will possibly separate. If you're interested, send me an email and I'll get back to you.

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    Is the car with the blown motor still available

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