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    There is a web program called Gearing Commander that you might find useful that can give you multiple gearing choices, speed in each gear, along with 49 multiple choices of sprocket combinations, RPM difference due to drive train setup changes, chain geometry changes due to sprocket & chain changes, top speed per gear for the 49 different sprocket combinations, and you can change the circumference of the tire seeing what impact that has on potential performance. All you have to do is input you make, model, and year engine along with three different sprocket combinations you wish to try. Oh yes, change the tire circumference too!

    For instance, trying to figure optimum gearing for the Gambler's Classic at Atlantic City NJ not too many racers will give this out and it is a bit difficult laying down counting the teeth... Some even grind off what compound tire they are running lol!

    What I did end up with using the Gearing Commander program is 14.47 to 1 as a good compromise where you get 50mph in 1st and 68.9mph in 2d at 15,200 engine rpm this is with a 69 inch RR. If I need more gear, I will change the front sprocket to a 12 tooth drive sprocket as the need for any chain adjustment will be minimal.
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