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    Default Whats the best head and neck restraint?

    We are getting ready to start racing micros and I need to get my son a head and neck restraint (14yrs old and 140lbs) which one do you all recommend- Hans,Hybrid,Hutchens? Im not as concerned with price as I am of safety and comfort. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Any reason buying a used one would be a problem? Thanks Dave

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    I wear a Rage Hybrid Pro,I had the misfortune to test it at Lanco during the Labor Day Shootout, i tossed it hard,bent chassis hard.But i came out fairly unscathed .The hybrid pro is one of the only devices that is rated for forward and lateral impact and it does not interfere with the seat and does not rely on the seat belts to function properly.
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    Dave we run a Hans. So does the Duncans and we are glad we have them. The seat belts hold them perfectly in my opinion. If you are at the race on the 22nd he can try ours to see what size he will need. We found ours used for a good price and it works great.

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    We chose the DefNder over the HANS, and we have had good luck with it. The DefNder is adjustable for layback angle and for size, where the HANS isn't. Since a teenager is wearing the device, the prospect of purchasing a new HANS each time he had a growth spurt wasn't all that appealing. Also, the DefNder utilizes a "sling" pad over the collarbones, as opposed to the solid HANS. In my full time job, I've seen a few broken collarbones from the HANS device post crash.

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    I had a defnder it is a great piece but in your child has a short neck it will not work wich is the problem i had it is adjustable but there wasnt enough adjustment for me so when i get a new on it will be a hans and they make pads for the collar bone now days so the hans is my choice this time round you have to see what fits him better

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    the hans is great if... you run mostly stock cars where the chance of going upside down isn't that great... honestly, look into a rage hybrid pro, or even a Leatt Brace... I use the Leatt and have been in a flip with it... it's rated also for forward and lateral impacts... and it's actually comfortable... Motocross guys use a version of the Leatt and it saves their necks, and we all know the kind of wrecks they have!
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    First of all thank you all for the info.! After doing some research and with the feedback that I got from you guys I think im going to go with the Hybrid Pro Rage, It seems like it is built with more of the sprint car driver in mind vs. the Hans that seems like it is more for the stock car racers. And it looks like it would be a helluva lot more comfortable to use than the Hans. Thanks Dave

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    Default Match your seat!

    One thing that played strongly in my decision was seat-type. I do NOT use a full containment seat, as I am not comfortable with the helmet supports intrusion on access into (and out of) these small cars. As such, I was particularly interested in lateral protection just as much, or more than frontal impact protection. Hybrid and Defender both have a similar 4 point tether. I went with Defender because I prefer the collar style over the sub-harness the Hybrid uses. Having been a long time horse collar user, I've found the Defender to be an almost seamless transition.

    If your local speed shop deals in several, I'd strongly suggest trying them on, and if possible, sit in the same seat type you have.

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