Sidewinder Sprints – Trail-Way, Riggan debuts in victory lane

Some drivers retire from racing and don’t look back. Others get the itch and make a return. Not often thou does a retired driver make a return and end up in victory lane. In an almost Hollywood type movie plot and a full moon and rain on the way, Trail-Way pushed the program along to perfection. The rain arrived just after all the features had finished. Scott Riggan was making his debut after not racing for the last 5 years and showed that there was very little rust to knock off.

After drawing a good pill and starting up front in his heat, Riggan made the most of his opportunity to take the heat race win and earn the right to lead the Sidewinder field to the green in the feature from the pole position. It almost didn’t happen as the script outlined as 3rsd starting Jim Young again showed just how competitive a 600 can be under the Sidewinder weight rules as he took the lead on the 4th lap. Young led the next 9 laps before his engine gave up on the 13th lap , just as the caution flew for a slowing Josh Chess. The restart saw Seth Kearchner make the charge into 2nd and he was hot on the tail of Riggan trying to find a way past. The checkers however saw Riggan hold on to take the win and the 2nd win in two weeks for car owner Alex Schanz.

Victory lane was delayed to ensure that all features finished before the rain, but once on the front straight Scott explained “ This car is actually for sale, but Alex suggested that I come out of retirement and have a shot at the 1000cc engines. I can tell you that it is quite a handful and my arms felt like they were about to fall off. Thanks to Alex, Kerry and Chris for the opportunity to have some fun and hopefully we can do it a few more times or at least until the car sells.”

Chassis / Wing / Wheel Parity Report: 1st Micro 12sq / 10” 2nd Micro 16sq / 13” 3rd Micro 16sq / 13” 4th Micro 16sq / 13” 5th Micro 12sq / 10”

Sidewinder Feature Finish, 20 Laps, Car #, Name, (Started)
1st 1K – Scott Riggan (1); 2nd 30 – Seth Kearchner (8); 3rd 75 – Zach Overmiller (6); 4th 26 – Jerry Strausbaugh (4); 5th 81- Mike Zielonis (11); 6th 72 – Josh Chess (2); 7th 59 – Alex Schanz (9); 8th 4T – Brandon Yarlett (7); 9th 14 – Rohan Beasley (10); 10th 8 – Jim Young (3); 11th 5J – Jason Stahl (5);

Lap Leaders- Scott Riggan (1-3, 13-20), Jim Young (4-12).

Heats to Riggan and Chess

Tire Shootout Invitational Results;

American Racer extends their lead

Tire Shootout Points based on 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1

1st American Racer 2nd American Racer 3rd Hoosier 4th Hoosier 4th 5th American Racer

American Racer – 10 pts
Hoosier – 5pts

American Racer – 66 pts
Hoosier – 24pts

This weeks answers;
Q. Coming back to the Friday Night Trail-Way program for a 2nd time in 2012, Can Josh Chess earn his first win after looking strong in his previous outings?

A. It didn’t work out as planned for Josh in the feature. His night got off to a great start winning his heat and earning the outside front row starting position, from there he had an issue with his car shutting off on the front straight bringing out a caution.

Next week’s question;
Q. With Reed Salony scheduled to return this week, Will Reed and Seth put on another awesome display like last year?

Sidewinder Sprints are accepting 2012 registrations.
Drivers wishing to join are reminded to register with us ASAP (click the registration link on our website) to reserve your car number, as we do not allow duplicate numbers, and to receive important "registered team" only emails regarding rules, contingency requirements and schedules.

Sidewinder Sprints will be appearing at:
Susquehanna 05/12/12
Path Valley 05/18/12
Middleford 05/25/12 and 05/26/12

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Season Sponsors;

American Racer – Lias Tires ( )

Hoosier Tire - Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic ( )

Contingency Awards:
Guhl Motors ( ; For all of your Fuel Injection needs. “Highest eligible Guhl injection finisher”; Seth Kearchner

Hyper Hard Charger (; Most positions gained in the feature; Seth Kearchner

Aero Wings ( ; Winners use Wings by Aero. "Lucky 7"; Alex Schanz

Keizer Wheels ( ); Fast Fifth Award.; Mike Zielonis

SC Signs and Designs ( );

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Sidewinder Sprints Driver 2012 Season Standings;
1st Seth Kearchner (30) 701
2nd Mike Zielonis (81) 665
3rd Rohan Beasley (14) 601
4th Brandon Yarlett (4T) 587
5th Zach Overmiller (75) 557
6th Jim Young (8) 501
7th Jerry Strausbaugh (26) 393
8th Josh Chess (72) 384
9th Jason Eisenhart (21) 361
10th Jared Esh (5J) 356
11th Brad Gleason (33) 338
12th Alex Schanz (59) 182
13th Mike Murphy Jr (39) 174
14th Steve Dull (5) 150
15th Christian Wright (22) 118
16th Jason Stahl (5J) 107
17th Rich Halter (04) 101
18th Scott Riggan (1K) 100
19th Jerry Schott Jr (10S) 90
20th Chris Crull (7) 60
21st Ben Murphy (1) 50
22nd Rick Hench (1) 50
23rd Ryan Greth (1J) 50
24th ?? (3T) 50
25th Keith Ford (4D) 50
26th Tyler Walton (14T) 50
27th Ashley Salony (22R) 50
28th Reed Salony (22R) 50
29th Joe Robertson (23) 50
30th Adam Meier (23M) 50
31st Donnie Hendershot (31) 50
32nd Mike Dicely (44) 50
33rd Danny Wykes (69W) 50
34th Gary Funck (92) 50
35th Mike Kiser (99) 50

Sidewinder Sprints Final Car Owner Season Standings;
1st Seth Kearchner (30) 701
2nd Mike Zielonis (81) 665
3rd Katie Beasley (14) 601
4th Ken, Donna and Brandon Yarlett (4T) 587
5th Steve & Renee Overmiller (75) 557
6th Jim Young (8) 501
7th Jason Stahl (5J) 463
8th Jerry Strausbaugh (26) 393
9th Don Chess (72) 384
10th Party of Five (21) 361
11th Brad Gleeson (33) 338
12th Alex Schanz (59) 182
13th Mike Murphy Jr (39) 174
14th Steve Dull (5) 150
15th Ken and Chris Wright (22) 118
16th Tara Halter (04) 101
17th Alex Schanz (1K) 100
18th Jerry Schott Jr. (10S) 90
19th Gary Hendershot (7) 60
20th Rick Hench (1) 50
21st Wayne Lesher (1J) 50
22nd Ken Wright (3T) 50
23rd Keith Ford (4D) 50
24th Bob and Brenda Walton (14T) 50
25th Todd Salony (22R) 50
26th Heidi Robertson (23) 50
27th Adam Meier (23M) 50
28th Jay Hendershot (31) 50
29th Mike Dicely (44) 50
30th David Wykes (69W) 50
31st Gary Funck (92) 50
32nd Tiffany Crandell (99) 50