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    Whats the best oil you guys had luck with ?
    I was thinking of running Lucas Synthetic gear oil in my tranny ?
    We run the Amsoil Severe Gear SAE 75W-95 works great change every 6 races.

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    which way would you go a closer gear ratio or further ratio on the big tracks also what about lighter shafts or clutch hub crank rod ect.

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    If you use 30 weight Trans oil you will have less spinning weight and I like the billet crank

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    I would rather warm the trans up and have the protection of the gear oil myself !
    We use to try the lite oils in a 4 speed drag car and lost gears so we ran gear oil and just warmed the trans up by running it on stands before the race.
    with the synthetecs out now I don't think your loseing power due to oil drag !

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    Thanks for all the replies. I quess what i thought was correct, I will upgrade the 5th gear and any worn parts and just keep it stock, thanks again.

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    i used to run 10w-30 motor oil in my trannies...never once had a problem in 2-3 years,but i heard some "stories" so i switched to mystic gear lube...have yet to have a problem with it! i tried regular "run-of-the-mill" 90 weight gear lube,all it did was cause hard shifting!

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    The 2002 solid 5th gear is the way to go but it has to be machined. Dby or rts should have them in stock.

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