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    Default Chain hitting HBS motor mount

    Hey Guys,

    Last year i had an issue with my chain cutting into my HBS 636 motor mount. Can anyone tell me whats the cause? Is it from too much side-play in the chain? Should my engine sprocket be spaced out more? Has anyone had the problem?

    Thankyou For Your Help!

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    do you have the gear spacer behind frt gear??

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    If you mean, spacing washers. Yes, i have been using three spacing washers

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    Did you put the spacers in right place when putting motor mounts on ? make sure your chain is running straight, if not respace your rear sprocket. use a straight edge or string to align sprockets .Car should be on ground when doing this.also you may not need 3 spacers on front,as some gears require less depending on how they were machined. I've used both types on a 636.

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    Motor has not been taken out since I bought the car last year and the previous owner didn't have this issue. I use a straight edge to align the chain each week so I don't think that's the issue either.

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    Panhard or W-Link? could chassis be shifting under load?

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    You might want to check for a cracked weld on panhard mount. Also check for bent heim on rod.Do you run a chain tensioner?

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