Shellhammers Speedway Wingless Wednesday. Here's a little info for the guys that have never been to Shellhammers. It's a really nice 1/8 mile high bank track with some of the best clay in the area. We run on Wednesday nights Until the end of September. On Wednesdays they run 270 and 125 wingless micros as well as slingshots and X cel sportsman. Warm ups usually start around 645-7 depending on the track conditions. Pit passes are only $15, registration ranges from $20-$30 depending on the class and a $5 transponder rental. For the 270 class no matter how many cars show up the minimum winners payout is $250. When 15 or more cars are registered they guarantee $500 to win, where else will you see this on a weekly schedule with a normal entry fee? If you need anymore info that I may have missed you can check the track website or even contact me and maybe I can help. This is some of the best racing in the area right now with the winner being able to come from deep in the field. If your car is working you can pass cars at this place and not follow the guy in front of you.
With this being said, if you need more info you can check the track website, Facebook, or even contact me. I hear a lot of guys complaining about other tracks wether it be track conditions, payout, tire wear, crashes, etc. and am wondering why these guys aren't showing up at Shellhammers for this great series. I know there are a lot of 270's out there racing or maybe sitting around in your garage. Bring them out and have some great fun on a Wednesday night. Watch some of Kalmans videos on YouTube and you'll see how good the racing and track conditions.