Thank you to everyone who came out to support the 17th Annual All Sprint Nationals last evening. Special thanks to the following sponsors for their contributions last evening and making this event a success; T.A. Ward Construction, Car Starz of Shippensburg, Newlin's Bar Service, RTS Chassis, Adams Performance, Morral Racing, Shelby Rowles, D. E. Richard and Garage and Stringy's Speed Shop.

Also if anyone goes to Car Starz of Shippensburg within the next few weeks to purchase... a new car if they mention Tony Hampton's name and Path Valley Speedway they will get $250 off the total price of the vehicle.
Saturday, October 7th Results:
17th Annual All Sprint Nationals

600cc Micros (15 cars):
1. Kameron Morral 2. Zach Rhodes 3. Clayton Shaw 4. Aaron Bollinger 5. Tyler Snook 6. Gunnar Layton 7. Brendan Bright 8. Travis Keiser 9. Hayden Miller 10. Zane Rudisill 11. Ben Houtz 12. Bo Gordon 13. Randy Kunkle, Jr. 14. Jake Frye (DNF) 15. Shelby R. Rowles (DNF)

270cc Micros (16 cars):
1. Levi Peck 2. Andrew Dietrich 3. Cory Myers 4. Mason Peters 5. Jim Young 6. Jerry Palm, Jr. 7. Zach Glass 8. Zach Cool 9. Jason Houtz 10. Frank Gentile 11. Brian Marriott 12. Matthew Kreider 13. Daniel LaFrance 14. John Williams, Jr. 15. Adam Warner
DNS: Matthew Frick

600 Stock Sprints (9 cars):
1. Zane Rudisill 2. A.J. Bast 3. Jesse Howell 4. Roger Weaver 5. Eric Rutz 6. Hayden Miller 7. Don Roush 8. Andrew Stringfellow
DQ: Lauren Huffman