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    Yes, as a 636 it would be competitive. Prior to the rev limit rule change standardizing 636 rev limits to 14,800, it actually may have been the strongest platform under PA rules.

    The older Yamaha's are a very very durable platform that can be made very competitive with significant investment.

    The 05-06 Kawi only needs a compression bump and some cam timing to make good numbers. This may be the least reliable platform, but its the cheapest to make go fast. A Kawasaki will can make it 20+ races without a rebuild....or it may blow up the third night out.

    The newer R6R's have titanium valves and valves seats that don't always stay put. This platform may be slightly superior to the Kawasaki, but will probably require more frequent rebuilds and maintenance because of the valve train.

    The 06+ Suzuki's are another reliable platform, but they don't seem to run quite as well as the older Kawasaki or newer Yamaha. The 09-12 Kawasaki is similar from a performance perspective.

    Honestly, if you're just starting out, I wouldn't stress too much on the engine package. If you already have the 04 motor, I wouldn't be afraid to start there. I'd recommend you find a late model R6R injection so that you're future proofed (the R6R stuff can be used on the older R6, the new R6, and the 06+ GSXR), or a very cheap set of carbs.

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    Thanks for all the info! I?m sure I?ll have more questions as I go but this has been a big help. This years goal is to make some laps. Obviously I want to run well, but gaining experience and seat time is our main objective for now.

    Thanks again!

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