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    Default why doesnt a late model or sprint seat work in micro sprint

    we have micro 600 need a 17 full cont seat dont wanna speed 800 or 1000 dollars....what makes a micro sprint specific to a micro...can i make a late model 17 fit ???

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    Most late model seats are 20 degree layback. Most micro and sprint seats are 10 degree or straight back. 20 degree layback is a super tight squeeze, the left leg thigh support of the 20 degree layback more than likely will hit the engine firewall wrap around. The 10 degree and straight back allows for ideal rear weight placement and is a much better fit allowing for more adjustment. My opinion only

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    so a full size sprint will fit ???? i was also told a full size sprint is 1 inch different at bottom so it will hit engine and engine wrap,,,,,

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    17" is going to be a tight squeeze as it is in to any micro chassis. The Sprint seats tend to be beefier - more side & shoulder support to make them wider and longer on the bottom. The Kirkey micro-specific seat is made slimmer with less extension for the legs, making it much easier to fit in our frames. With a 17" seat, that might be the best (or only) option.

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    ok thank you both for the reply

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