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    Default Slingshot Vs Micro Sprint

    I was wondering what the real difference was between the micro sprints more specifically the 250/270 micro sprints and the slingshots? I?m thinking about making the leap from motocross to dirt track racing and was wondering what the main differences are between the two. Obviously the bodies but more specifically engines, cost per season, competition level and things of that nature. I?m about 45 min from Bridgeport in NJ and about 20 min from Airport Speedway in Delaware... I know I want to get into the sport just trying to get an idea as to what direction to head in as far as micros or slingshots. Thanks for the help in advance.

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    that area isn't very big for slingshots - plus slingshots aren't very fast
    you're looking at a 3 to 4 second difference at bridgeport in lap times
    coming from a motorcross background i believe you'd find yourself more at home with the micro

    micros definitely are a little more expensive but manageable
    racing is fun.

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