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    Default Fuel pulse pump vs. gravity feed question

    I am currently running a BAM pulse pump on a 250 4 stroke car and considering going to a rear mount fuel cell.
    My question is all of the standard tail tanks draw the fuel uphill and through a fitting in the front bulkhead of the tank, then it runs down hill to the shut off and filter.
    Is the carrying the fuel up hill a requirement for balancing the amount of fuel flow or simply a by product of the shape of the tank?
    I would like to run a smaller alum tank to carry the fuel and have a bottom fitting welded in it so it gravity feeds out the bottom, rather than the pick up tube set up, but do not understand the tech as to whether it will cause volume or flooding issues
    Thanks so much!

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    I run bottom pickups in all my tanks

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    As long as the outlet of the fuel tank is higher than the carburetor there shouldn't be a problem with gravity feed fuel system

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    carb needle and seat are about 4-5 pounds to unseat. IF the fuel is gravity and the fuel in tank does NOT exceed that the needle and seat should close and not cause a flooding issue.

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