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    Default tach setup on Honda 600rr

    My son races a Micro Sprint in the 600 restricted class. Our engine is a Honda 600rr. We are surrounded by people with Yamahas so I have not been able to find a good answer at the track for this.
    I want to know what our RPMs are after a race. I don't really care much about lap times, etc. I have an Alfano Pro Evo 3 that I used to use with our Quarter Midget. But I don't know how to get it to work with this engine, and not sure it can. I have heard the standard Mychrons and Alfonos only work well with Spark Plug Wires, not engines with coils.

    Anyone recommend a reasonably priced solution for a tach recorder for this engine, or know how to set this up with the Alfano?


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    I use the Acewell Ace-1100 on my 600 with the Honda 600RR and it works great. I clear it before each time going on the track and I can recall the highest RPM I hit. Not sure if it's what you're looking for or not...

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    Thank you. I ordered it and will try it out next Friday.

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