This is my first year in a 600cc Non Wing. The car is a 4 bar, modified watts link (or some call it a 'Modified Z Link'), Jacob's ladder suspension. We mostly race on 1/6th or 1/5th mile dry slick tracks (average banking).

The car is always fast if the track has moisture and is tacky. My base set up is 6-7in of stagger, 5psi LR (tied down) and 6psi RR. Right side Radius Rod is in the 'top' hole (slightly pointed upward), Left side Radius Rod is in the 'middle' hole (level to the ground). My problem is when the track slicks off I can't stay fast and consistent. The car wants to skate up the track on corner exit and sometimes I can't get the car to rotate mid-corner.

Some adjustments I make to try and tighten the car are:
-adding 1-2 turns to the front torsion bars
-decreasing stagger to 5in
-moving RR tire in, closer to the chassis
-decreasing air pressure (4psi LR/5psi RR)
-take tie down out of LR and add tie down to RR

Last time I raced I tried an easy-up shock on the RF and the car still had the symptoms of wanting to skate on exit and slightly push mid-corner. Am I missing something in my set up or adjustments? I almost think that I'm possibly 'shaking' the car loose but I'm not entirely sure. Some adjustments I've thought about trying are putting a turn in the rear bars, not moving the RR tire in towards the chassis so much and buying another easy-up shock for the LF. Any thoughts and/or opinions? Feel free to criticize all you want, any help is appreciated!