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    Default Wingless Wednesday Shellhammers Speedway

    Tomorrow!!! 270 micros
    125 Micros

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    Guaranteed 250 to win 14 cars or less

    If over 14 cars in 270 micro division
    It will be bumped up to 500!!! This is guaranteed!

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    15 270's signed in and the purse was pushed up to 500 to win. What a night of racing!!!

    Who says you can't run the top at Shellhammers?? A few times during the feature they were 3 and 4 wide running up to the fence!!

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    why don"t they publish the results on here! so we can see how our friends did. as well as promote the track.

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    They post all the results on their Facebook page as well as best lap times. If you have never been to shellhammers come on out Wednesday night. $15 pit passes and $7 grandstand admission.

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