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    new to micro sprints just came out of quarter midgets. what chassis are similar? like to interchange front axles ,rearaxles and other parts. me and my buddies are looking to pickup 5 micro sprints for our kids.going to be racing granite state micro

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    Go with Hyper. From our experience weather you have an X-4, X-6 or X-7 the cars work and you can't get better product support than Hyper Mike's people. Plus here on the east coast you can find plenty of good used cars. Hyper can supply you with tuning of cars and engines and they do great on repairs and updates. Give them a call, they will gladly give you advice on used cars and they often have some used equipment in the store.

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    I would personally go with D1, Edge, PMP, Triple X, Pace, TenJ, Farrell Frame works, something along those lines. 99% of parts are interchangeable on all of those cars and most of them have new and used parts that are priced very reasonably.

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