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Thread: Engler Vs EVO

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    Default Engler Vs EVO

    looking for opinions on which injection provides more power output? the new hyper evo or the 600cc performance Engler injection

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    Honestly, you're not going to get a straight answer because everyone has their allegiances, and it doesn't seem like there's a lot of info regarding Greth dyno'ing EVO or Hyper dyno'ing Engler. Spend your money how you want, but unless there's something wrong with what you've got, its not worth the 3-4k to upgrade. The guys winning on Engler and EVO were winning before, and are no more dominant than they were then. Guys are still winning on FIT, and Guhl, and Guhl EFI and Engler MFI are still way more popular than any other systems once you get outside of PA.

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    what Mike said ^^^ Both have great numbers on the Dyno, but we don't race Dyno's. The biggest thing you are paying for in this case is customer service because they are very very similar power gain wise. I bought an engler off greth over the off season so were pretty excited to try it out.

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