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    Hi question
    My car been dying out halfway around Bridgeport track. Feel to me like I forgot to turn on the fuel and it just used up what was in the bowl.
    So far I have replaced all the fuel line, checked over the filter.
    Had the fuel pump and carb looked at by someone who knows more than me.
    I have pulled off the fuel line to the carb and pushed the car in gear I have fuel flow. I not sure if I have an electrical problem or am I just flooding the carb with to much fuel. When I looked at the plug it was clean on the carminic.
    I currently have an 117 jet 96 power jet 244 needle set in the middle

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    if you are running the bowl dry you might want to check the roll over check valve on the tank, some times the ball can get sucked up from bouncing around and create a vacuum much like turning the valve off.


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      Thanks I have to check that.