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600 at GVAT

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  • 600 at GVAT

    this is a quickly eddited video from my first time in my 600 and we bought the car that day so it was realy not set up for me no traction in the rear anywere mainly forward bite. i pulled up to people going in but fell back coming off if you look close in practice you can see a LONG roost coming off the back tires in turn 2. this is pictures before the weekend practice heat and feature taped by my mom from the outside with a digital dvd camcorder witch when i saved to the computer i didn't use the camcorder software and it didn't have volume so i had to edit in music. so i picked the music that was closest to the time i needed. and i have an on board vid from my heat race after the heat race my mom video tapped and i made both of my crashes in slow motion so you can see what happend. thanks alot to the people that let me barrow a RR Rim and a Brake rod. I also put in pictures at teh end of the next day pictures of all of the damage. ok i can't figure out how to put it up. can someone help? here is the link. anyway.
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