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    Not sure if you guys in the states have a similar event or if you have tried it before but we run this in Australia across several divisions and it always attracts big money an big crowd,
    Its called a 30-30 challenge, I know there's some very versatile drivers over in the states an a fair few car owners, basically it involves 1 car and two drivers, 4 rounds of heats and two 30 lap features, both drivers hafto compete in 2 heats each, and u can have a dash etc, ok feature races, whichever driver wants to do the 1st feature can start 1st, they run the 30lap main, then 10-15 minute interval to adjust car, change tyres, fuel etc, then 2nd driver starts 2nd a-main from wherever the 1st driver finished, total points over both events wins te challenge! Prizes for each a-main winner and total round winners, this event is unreal to see down under and is a big one on the callender...
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    We did that one year. It didn't mater if you ran any car two people teamed up in one car and had fun it was called mick madness