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    Saw on the Kokomo schedule last night that the support division on night 1 of Smackdown is wingless 600 sprints. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that might have a car available? I know, I am no Kyle Larson or Bryan Clauson, and I am not going to gaurantee you I can win. But I have 14 years of experience from go-karts to 305 winged sprint cars. I am in this for the experience and the fun, and one thing I can gaurantee is I know how I race, and that is with my head. I treat everyones equipment like my own. I don't want my equipment busted up so I don't drive in a way that could end up with someone elses equipment busted up. I am going to be at the race either way, I just want to have some fun and gain some experience. The car owner can keep all earnings, and I can help with some expenses (fuel, entry, etc.) If anybody has any car available, or knows of anybody please get in contact with me. PM, email @, or call or text message 717-495-2218

    Thank You,

    Dalton Dietrich #9

    Allstate Insurance
    Action Motorsports
    BAM Motors

    Special Thanks:
    Ertter Family
    Heath Family