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Looking for a little identification help...

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  • Looking for a little identification help...

    First let me say I am an old road racer and not an oval track guy. I purchased an older chassis to use for parts for one of our other cars. Before I "part it out", I was curious to see what it is/was. Here's what I can tell about it:
    1) It appears the car was last run with a Suzuki GSXR600 or 750 motor (1992-1993 vintage) based on the ignitor/coils still in the car (header/exhaust is there as well)
    2) Wheels are 6x10 F - spindle mounted, 8x10 rear - 5 lug
    3) Wheelbase approx. 76", Front track approx. 54" / Rear 62"
    4) No rear suspension
    5) Front looks to have mounts for shocks, but just has an adjustable link in place now - there are two sets of mounting points for the upper & lower control arms
    6) Car has an aluminum seat, adjustable brake bias, CNC dual master cylinders (locked up)

    Any input would be appreciated, I hate to see old race cars broken up if there is still a place for them to race!

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