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The $1000 Sponsorship Contest

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  • The $1000 Sponsorship Contest

    That's right some lucky person is going to receive a $1000 sponsorship from for there car or someone else's of there choice.

    Here are the terms.

    The winner will be the person who adds the most positive things to within the next year.

    By positive things we mean any posts that support and racing in general on any part of the site.

    The more posts the better! Help yourself by helping your fellow racers!

    The award will be presented at the 2009 Super 600 Showdown. The winner will be chosen by our site sponsors our site moderators.

    Anyone can enter you don't need to drive a car or own one just be involved with someone who does. The $1000 does have to go to a microsprint.

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    Everyone has been doing so well on the site! I have noticed alot of positive things going on here. Thank you everyone.


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      Contest Question


      Does this $1,000.00 contest apply to individuals running 270 Micros as well? If so, when does it come to an end?


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        This contest applies to any class listed on The winner will be announced at the 2009 Championship race / Super 600 Showdown


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          Okay, so it does apply to 270 Micros then? Sorry, I'm just getting use to this site


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            No problem.... Questions are always welcome.