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  • Just Want To Introduce Myself

    My name is Al I been a fan of microsprint racing since I was like 5. My neighbor recently introduced me to this site and thought I could be of help to making this site even more great than it allready is. I co-run a Nascar Forum with over 10,000 active members. I know what it takes to keep a forum active and fun. I will be the one bouncing new ideas and contests around to attract new members as well as keep this place fresh. I am not an admin or nothing I am just doing it outta the love I have for racing.

    Also if any driver is looking for sponsor help. I could lend a helping hand with attracting new sponsors. If you need help just send me a message on here then we can go from there.

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    If you hear of any rides, please let me know.
    -Kyle Rochelle