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Central PA Legends Path Valley 4.12.14 Results

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  • Central PA Legends Path Valley 4.12.14 Results

    Excerpt from Rob Keller's article....

    Bill Diehl led the full 24-car field of Legend racers to the start and out-powered Chris Transeau for the lead into turn one. While Diehl was leading, Lucas Montgomery was moving up from starting fourth, taking second on lap twelve. A restart on lap fifteen brought the field back together one last time. Montgomery had no chance to attack Diehl, as he was busy defending second from Bob Stough, which he was able to do. At the finish it was Diehl in the lead, followed by Montgomery, Stough, Scott Houdenshell, and Chad Earnst. Earnst was one of the big movers of the night, starting sixteenth and finishing fifth. Heat race wins went to Stough, Chris Spidle, and Montgomery. George Hanson won the consi.

    Legend: 1.Bill Diehl (Craley, PA), 2.Lucas Montgomery, 3.Bob Stoudt, 4.Scott Houdeshell, 5.Chad Earnst, 6.Rick Miller, 7.Jacob Feltch, 8.C.J. Quirk, 9.Keith Haring, 10.Travis McClelland, 11.Chris McKinney, 12.Chris Spidle, 13.Bill Foster, 14.Ed Trump, 15.Scott Spidle, 16.Chris Transeau, 17.Travis Perry, 18.Dave Miller, 19.David Miller, 20.Greg Burd, 21.Joe Ehrisman, 22.Mason Chaney, 23.Mike Gable, 24.George Hanson DNQ: Chris Ward, Leonard Supchak, John Hall
    Lap Leaders: Bill Diehl (1-20)
    Heats: Bob Stoudt, Chris Spidle, Lucas Montgomery
    Consolation: George Hanson

    Full Article:
    Chad Earnst
    Driver #85
    Central PA Legends