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  • Sling Shot For Sale

    This is a Turn Key Opportunity! Literally pick up the car and go racing!!!

    If you went and bought everything I am offering you would likely spend $15,000

    EMAIL ME for a 5 PAGE PDF of all ITEMS and this AD complete

    All-star Slingshot for sale Asking $6500.00 I will accept Credit Cards or Cash but no checks.
    This car was very well maintained and has the "best of everything" I was never wrecked and the car was never bent.

    .01 07 chassis newly powder coat in 2016 and updated.

    .02 All new sheet metal completely new fuel system 2016

    .03 Stander motor new 2016 SN#1000 aluminum flywheel (only 2 seasons at Bridgeport Speedway) Approximately 20 races
    NOTE (Engine was Dynometered at hammer down)

    .04 Safety Belts good in New Jersey thru 2018.

    .05 Seat Size 15-16

    .06 New brakes. Caliper and rotor

    .07 Ceramic bearing rear axle

    OVER $6000.00 worth of extras are included

    01. Complete Set of Gears 48,51,52,45,55,57,60,60,61,63,63,64,65,68,68 and a 53 on the car
    02. Springs 5, 60.lbs 5, 80.lbs 3, 100.lbs 3, 120.lbs
    03 .Shocks 4 (used) good condition
    04. Tires 1 new RR 3 RR good condition 12 of the other good condition
    05. Rims 3 RR 2 wide steel wheels 8 narrow steel wheels
    06. Clutch?s (1 new clutch.) and the one on the car has only 2 races on it. A good spare plus 6 shoe cores!
    07. Chain 1 new box 10ft diamond chain the one on the car has only 1 race and a per maid spare (new)
    08. Fuel (2 unopened 5gal cans VP racing fuel) Included as well 3.5 gal of VP opened Sep. 22 but sealed tight.
    09. Custom laser cut carburetor gaskets
    10. Carburetor stacks
    11. Micron 4 Electronics
    12. 2 new rear bumpers
    13. 2 sets left and right rub rails
    14. Spare Fuel pump
    15. Spare Fuel regulator
    16. Spare rear axle w/new spin free bearings Hubs (used) break rotor (used)
    17. Spare set front spindles
    18. Spare muffler
    19. Bumper jack
    And any other extras might might find laying around that I might have missed.
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