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2005 Stallard with 05-06 Kawi

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  • For Sale 2005 Stallard with 05-06 Kawi

    2005 Stallard with 05-06 NPS built Kawasaki, Guhl guts alcohol injection and FTZ exhaust. Coil front, torsion rear with cockpit adjustable left rear shock. Electric top wing adjuster. Also have left front brake assembly (currently not on) with cockpit adjustment between the rear and front. Safety first... fuel forward bladder, fire suppression system, braided steel fuel lines and full containment seat.

    Also have 2 05 suszuki GSXR motors. One off a bike never been touched since I bought the car in ~2010. The other has hyper alcohol injection and power commander. As per original owner the motor had some work done on it.

    Asking $3000 for kawi with injection and wiring harness and $3500 for the roller with spares. $400 for GSXR off the bike and $1500 for the GSXR with hyper injection.

    Call, text, or email Dustin at (607)768-7119 / with any questions or if you'd like more pictures!

    List of spares/misc...
    2 five gallon fuel jugs
    top wind side panel
    mounted left rear tire
    mounted right rear tire
    mounted front tire
    misc spare tires (x4)
    left side body panel
    misc hose
    Saldana radiator
    tire iron and syping tool
    front wheel bearing
    front axle
    rear axle (2x)
    misc struts
    shocks (9x)
    springs (7x)
    gsxr wiring harness
    rear nerf bar
    gsxr throttle bodies (2x)
    torsion bars (2x)