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2000 Factor 1 Roller w/ Spares-needs gone

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  • For Sale 2000 Factor 1 Roller w/ Spares-needs gone

    its a 2000 factor 1 chassis. comes as a roller. it has no belts or sprocket guides. I do have a 14" lightweight seat that can go with it if you can fit in it. everything else is there including complete fuel system for carbs. chain tensioner, chain, complete cooling system plumbing, radiator and fan, top wing, nose wing, temp guage, all switches and pre wiring, steering components and wheel, clutch handle assembly. car is coil over front and torsion rear. Has a pair of 18/6/10 american racers on the front, a 20/10/10 american racer on the left and a 70/13/10 american racer on the right. right rear is a 12" rim. beadlocks on all four corners.

    spares are the few random pieces as seen in the pics. 2 front spindles, heims joints, 2 4 bolt hubs for front, mud cover, fuel shutoff, 4 shocks, a coil spring, extra right side nerf bar, torsion arm, fuel pump, 2 torsion bars, brake pads, misc. steering parts, torsion stop, front wing, couple bearings, stand for the car, 2 front radius rods, 2 rear radius rods, 4 tires (1 RR, 2 LR, 1 FRONT), a spare front axle that just needs some weld modification for mounting that will work great for that car. also will have a 14" seat but not sure your size.

    you would need to buy a seat (if 14"doesnt work), belts, sprocket guides, a motor and accessories and a tach or oil pressure guage if you wanted one.

    I am asking $1800 for the car and all spares. motor mounts were made for 06-09 suzuki. so if you plan on running that engine, i will throw in an exhaust i have for that motor. more pics available. i am located in jackson, MI

    This would be a good starter car. i have won quit a few races in it at jackson speedway (1/8 mile), merritt (big 1/4 mile) and butler (big 3/8 mile). a good car to learn in. ran well both winged and non winged. pm me or email me at

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