Over the last 3 years I have recieved many calls from Oklahoma and surrounding states about our sportsman rules and what we allow to run during the Show Me Showdown. I'm Very glad to report that this year 2013 we are going to allow those running honda f-4s, that are stock, to be able to run with us this year. You can run gas or alcohol, 10ft square top wing, no nose wing, and old style turf tires. See our rules on our web site. http://www.sweetspringsraceway.com/ If entries are high enough were hoping to get an 1000.00 to win pay.We have had many discussions how our f-3s that can be built will run against a stock f-4. So plan on bringing them up and lets find out.Pratice is on 5-23-13 Races 5-24 and 25 Features 5-26-13 Any questions you can call me at 660-886-7376 MAKE YOUR PLANS!!! And lets make this one of the biggest events for sportsman cars. We are also discussing trying to devise some rules that would be comparable with other tracks so we could travel and race other tracks also. Any ideas??? The sportsman class is a good way to get started for budget racers, and young and old.