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  • For Sale 600 Must Go

    EVERYTHING MUST GO 09 600 SB3 Roller with a 1 3/4 Rear Axle, Wiring harness, ECM, Fuel Injection. With New top and front Wings it has 3 QA1 shocks and 1 LR adjustable Shadow shock, 14" Ultra Shield Seat with new Belts, setup for a 06-07 Yamaha, wheels and tires are like new the list below is all that goes with the car. All you need to do is drop your Yamaha Motor in and GO RACING I would like to sell everything together. Below is a list of extras I might have missed somethings. I'm asking $5600.00 email me at or call 267-377-9484 Thank you for looking Bob I only have the four Pictures

    Wheels & Tires 2 RR with a D-15 and ASCS, 2 LR with D-15 and American Racer 19.0/10.0 2 Fronts D-12 and D-10
    Shocks 2 Shadow shocks Rebuilt and 1 QA-1 and 3 Carreras
    Sprockets 4 or 5 set
    Wheel Wrench
    Bead breaker
    Tire Grover
    Tire Gauge
    Spare 1 3/4" Rear Axle
    2 Fuel Jugs with holder
    Funnel and holder
    Spray can holder
    Longacre Scales
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