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  • Wanted looking to drive a sprint car

    I am looking to get into the full size sprint cars. I have been wanting to buy one for myself for the last couple years but haven't had any luck. However I do have alot to offer such as:
    -400 acres of land so we can test drive before we race
    -huge shop with every tool you can think of to work on it.
    -my dad is top notch on mechanics and knows how to fix anything
    -uncle owns a junk yard and is willing to give us any part we need
    -willing to travel
    If you have read this far then you are obviously interested and I appreciate it. But I am gonna be honest. I'm 18 but I've been around these cars my whole life and I am a better driver than most people out there. I live in olive branch, ms near memphis, TN. I appreciate anyone interested so call me at 9014934472 if you can help. By the way Im not looking for pay just wanting to drive a car and help you win some races.

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    Should buy urself a micro first, do a few seasons, learn some race craft, I don't think you quite realise how much of an animal a sprintcar is to drive, (presuming that you haven't driven one before??) micros are a cheap way to learn how to race open wheel, a lot of the big wheel sprintcar guys still run micros occasionally as they must be driven so smoothly to go fast, get yourself a few grand together and learn in your own car, best of luck mate
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      I appreciate the reply man. Your probably right and I believe everyone should start small in order to avoid big mistakes. I know I probably Sound like the typical 18 yr old when I say this but I know I can drive a full size sprint without much issue. Like I said I've been around the sport my whole life. The smallest thing we got at the track that I'm interested in is 600 mini sprints and honestly I'm more afraid of them than I am of a full size. I've seen those dudes hit a little bump and just flip. And man I can promise you there has never been anything I couldn't drive up to this point. Tractors, fourwheeler, drag cars, 18 wheelers, back co. I hate not having anything to show. But I promise I have the drive necessary and I hope some where someone sees the same thing I do. I could help work on it and you could drive it and just let me take practice laps until you feel comfortable with me driving it then you could decide if I'm worth keeping. Appreciate yall listening this far and if you can offer any help whether it's phone #'s or different websites I would appreciate anything. Thanks


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