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  • Please beware

    I always thought that in racing everybody was a "racing family". Well I found out the hard way that this is not the case with all racers. I just want to warn everybody about a certain " DRIVER" his name is Chad Myers, may also use the name Shenna Logeman, or Randy Shaeffer, or Possibly use other names to buy or sell parts. I am warning you all please watch this buyer/seller, I sold him an engine on a payment arrangement and I haven't gotten anything since the first payment. Then they want to go run there mouth to the chassis builder that I WAS gonna buy a chassis from and race again this year but, because of the ignorance and shit talking certain people have to do in racing is not worth my time, my money, or the headaches anymore. Its pretty funny that one of these people buys brand new parts from the chassis builder, then goes and works for his relative (which are actually enemies), yeah what do you think
    is going on there?????? I'm sorry I mean nothing bad towards either chassis builders but this is ridiculous how people run there mouth so I cant buy the car chassis I want, so they can get basically a FREE motor. Beware race car drivers I'm sure I'm not the only one he will screw I'm sure it will be anybody that gets in his way. So I hope you all have a wonderful racing season and you don't get screwed like I did.