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  • Alex Swift - false buyer

    I listed a motor for sale on Wednesday(5/14/14) and within I couple hours I was contacted by him. (Phone#609-420-8645) He asked for pics and details about motor which he got and agreed to purchase. He then asked for address and planned to pick up today (5/18/14) He asked me to hold it and list item as sold so no one else would "beat him to it" which I did. I tried to contacted him Thursday (5/15/14) and Friday (5/16/14) about time frame he was looking to pick up with no answer. On Saturday (5/17/14) I sent a message saying I needed to know when he was coming as I had things to do on Sunday and finally got a response saying he wasn't coming and not going to buy it. Just a heads up as to taking someone's word for something. Have the whole conversation if anyone is questioning this interaction.

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    Hey man. I said I was sorry twice in my text to you, what more do you want? Lol.

    I have nothing else to say about the situation other then both my dad and motor builder saw the picture of your motor and said I was wasting my time and money by driving 5 hours each way to buy a motor I didn't know the history of. And you never did tell me who you got it from..

    But if it wasn't for them I would be on my way up there right now to buy it. it is what it is. Sorry i asked you to hold it for me for 3 days.

    And at one point I even asked if you wanted a down payment for holding it. You should've took the money lol

    Also, was it necessary to list my phone number?
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    racing is fun.


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      guess he is not to S W I F T !!!


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        happens every day....people change their minds for whatever reason. relist it for sale and move on.


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          What does Cadzilla potato head have to do with it?


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            thats MR potato head to U (good buddy)