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  • Injectors

    anybody know what injectors Hyper or Guhl uses on there 8 injector setup?part numbers? THANKS 2006 KAW 636

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    Proprietary Information

    This is really "proprietary information" that both Don Guhl and Mike Dicely have worked and invested upon so they are entitled to whatever profits they get for selling their fuel injection packages you are asking to obtain so you can do it yourself to save some $$$$. Just like the engine builders aren't going to tell you their tricks of making engines perform better than stock. Once again I understand you want to save some $$$$.

    Now you could "reverse engineer" but that probably will take more of your time and money than just buying their systems outright.

    If you want to be competitive you will have to spend whatever it takes is the bottom line.


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      Hate to disagree with you but I don't think the "injectors" these guys use is anymore proprietary than the carburetors that the other guys sell. Now if they were "modifying" the injectors in a particular way then perhaps their modifications are proprietary. If you want to know what they use go to their website. Hyper sells injectors and if you call Ryan Greth at Hyper or Mike Dicely they will tell you exactly which injectors they use and which ones you need for your application. Can't speak for Mr. Guhl but I'm sure there aren't any secrets there.

      The difference between you going out and buying these injectors off of ebay or from other supplier is that you may get the same injector but they are going to be flow tested and matched. Hyper, and I presume Guhl, flow test their injectors and match them so you are getting the same flow rates in each injector.

      I believe in their 8 injector FI systems for the Kawi your using is a Bosch 19# high efficiency injector on the top rail and a Bosch 42# high efficiency injector on the bottom fuel rail but again I would just call Ryan and ask. He might even have a used set of injectors that have been matched and flowed that he can hook you up with at a great price.