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  • Chain removal

    Hey guys, still pretty new to micro racing. I have an 08' PMP with an 05 R6. I recently bought the car a few months ago and just about have all the bugs worked out. All that's left is removing the old chain (which I've done before but it was kind of a b****) and installing the new one. I'm not worried about installing the new one yet I just want to know if I'm doing everything correctly to remove the old one. I've loosened the two motor plate bolts and slid the motor as far back as I can with the upper motor mount adjuster. Its much looser but still not quite enough. Keep in mind the guy I bought the car from apparently didnt know what he was doing. The chain was so tight there was almost no give in it at all. Only thing else I could think to mention that may be relevant is that I do not have set up blocks, unless you count 2 by 4s cut out in lengths from 1" to 5". And the chain is on a guide block. PMP said I may need a longer chain but I wanted to hear what others had to say. Thanks.

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    I am a little late to the party, but are you lifting the left rear tire or pushing down on the left nerf bar? I am sure you said somewhere in there, but I do not see it. you may have to really lower the left side and take the front gear off. I have a 2012 RTS radius rod car, and what we do to get the chain off is slide the motor back a little bit, step on the nerf bar, take the front gear off the shaft, and take the chain off.