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Help with RR of used Renco purchase

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  • Help with RR of used Renco purchase

    I just bought a 2001 Renco micro 600 last weekend that I need help with.

    There was a bunch of small issues with the car that I can fix no problem (exhaust, shifter, fuel tank, wiring) but that being said this is my first sprint car or I should say my first dirt track car ever. I am very familiar with automotive work though.

    There is definitely an issue with the right rear trailing links. At ride height one of the links bolt head actually rubs on the other link body. I know this can not be right.

    It seems someone took it apart and didn't assemble it properly. Now I've been searching for pics of Hyper chassis and other chassis pictures since I can't find any Renco pictures. It seems that most sprint cars only use 1 right rear link but I am unsure of where on the axel it is supposed to connect. I'm not sure of the part name? It's a collar that the links and brake mounts to. I think it may be mounted wrong.

    There is also an issue with the brake caliper mount that I believe is related to the trailing link nonsense. The caliper is clearly crooked because of the shotty install.

    Thank you if anyone could help me.

    If anyone has any history of this car I would be interested in that also.

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    Well I ended up figuring it out I guess. I think this will work. I am going to replace the links and rod ends because the links a deeply gouged. There is no interference anymore. As you can see I added spacers to the long link attachment point up front and to the short link attachment point on the rear caliper mount.

    Let me know if you think there would be any safety issues.

    (Bolts aren't tight FYI) This was just a mock up.
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