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Rear End Squaring HELP NEEDED

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  • Rear End Squaring HELP NEEDED

    I'll try to make this as short as possible.
    car is an 08 PMP, bought it a year ago. Bars on all 4 corners. Still working all the bugs out. I recently discovered the right rear torsion arm was not the correct size, ordered a new one (through TripleX) and now in the midst of installing it and squaring the rear end, the rod ends on BOTH rear arms are not centered at the bottom of the bird cages, in fact they are both up against the outer edge of the bird cages (LR arms rod end all the way to left of bird cage and RR is all the way to the right)
    I'm lost here guys, the rear end is perfectly square. Bird cages are timed. Only thing I can mention that might give someone an idea of what's causing the problem is theres still a slight bit of space between the RR torsion stop and the tube itself, and I need new bushings. The rear end itself was pretty outdated when I got it but I THOUGHT I had gotten it all up to date. The bird cages are 5". Not sure if a bigger size would help? Anyways, if theres any additional information needed please just ask me and I will get that for you. Like I said, I am pretty much stuck and desperately need any help I can get. So someone let me know, even if it could be something simple or blatantly obvious I'm missing or doing wrong. Thanks guys.

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    the only thing i can think of is if either one of the torsion arms are the wrong offset or the spacers on the rear axle are in the wrong spot? I don't deal with Pmps and triple x's often, but that is the only thing i can think of....... Just spit balling.....


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      All of the spacers are the correct sizes and in the right place. The RR arm is 4 1/8" offset which is what its supposed to be and the LR is a straight arm and also the right size. I appreciate the spit ballin cuz that's all I can do at this point. So if you or anyone else have anymore ideas, please let me know.


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        should have about a dime or nickle space between the arm or stop because the torsan bar wraps and will take the space out. could have a bent bar binding up.


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          May I ask what the initial problem was? The only thing you changed was the right rear arm, so the problem started with the change made there...


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            There were a few things wrong initially that I didn't notice when I bought the car. That's on me, it's the first micro I've owned. With that said, the radius rod connecting the brake carrier to the frame was bent, also the chain was popping off and back on to the sprocket upon corner exit, this was apparently due to an incorrect sized spacer that was bowing the rear sprocket outwards a half inch too much. I replaced the RR arm because the old one was slightly bent. One of you mentioned something about the torsion bars themselves, when it comes to the bars, I probably know the LEAST about them over anything else on the car if I'm being honest. So I know nothing about torsion bar offset or how I would check to see if it's right. And is there supposed to be a dime or nickel sized gap between the arm OR the stop or both? It would make sense (to me at least) to have a slight gap between the torsion stop and the bar itself..but I have no clue here guys.