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NEW 7 Gallon Fuel Cell from FuelSafe @ SBF

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  • NEW 7 Gallon Fuel Cell from FuelSafe @ SBF

    Fuel Safe is now offering a 7 gallon micro fuel cell. Now available at SBF Racing Products at a great price . Please call for details.908 296 3032. Check out the 16 gallon cell at Path Valley at the #99 BodineTrailer .

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    can you get a pic of it up and a price range? I would consider a 7 gal or the 4 gal below if about the same price
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      The 7 gallon cell uses the same shell as the 16 gallon. The bladder only holds 7 gallons. Looks and mounts the same.The fuel is held in the upper portion of the tank. No fuel down low near the rear of car. Fuel is in a much safer area. Fuel Safe has been testing this cell for awhile. They have told me that with the fuel being higher in the car that it freed the car up getting in the turn a little but helped car getting off turn. Any other questions please call 908 296 3032. Dave