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05/06 Kawasaki ecu cdi question

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  • 05/06 Kawasaki ecu cdi question

    I have a question about my 2 engines. first off both engines have Guhl injection with Guts boxes and one has another box that i looked up on internet is calling it CDI box it is about 3X4.5 inches and has three differnt plugs on it. Now both engines run fine and are in seperate cars just wondering as to why one has an additional "CDI" box on it and is it needed? if not how would that be bypassed so that engine will run. thanks for the help

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    The small 3 plug 3x4.5 box is a relay box, Guhl lets them in when he cut the wirng harness down, you can run the fan off of this box and no switch needed, it was for turn signals, fan, ect. The Guts box is actually just the stock CDI box tuned so you do not need a power commander or other tuneable boxes it usally will not make a difference in performance if the relay box is cut out or not as long as the harness was cut down properly. Weight, less wires for a cleaner look are why some are taking the relay box out, I know Don and some others can think of a few reasons to let it in the harness besides the fan.