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Fuel pump shut off

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  • Wrench35
    Some tracks require the fuel pump to be wired into the ignition switch. So if the ignition is off the fuel pump is off. As for a rollover switch or tip over switch that gets eliminated from the wiring harness. It's undesirable. The car is constantly bouncing around, hitting ruts and/or the cushion. One bounce too hard and suddenly the engine is off. You should also have shut off valves in the fuel system. One should be before the pump and one after the pump. That should take care of a broken fuel line leaking even if the switches are off. Most tracks require the shut off valves be clearly marked so a track worker can shut them off if they see something wrong.

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  • Jschapansky
    started a topic Fuel pump shut off

    Fuel pump shut off

    New to this class of car, I have a XXX with a carburated gsxr 600 in it. I bought it as a project car that needs to go together.

    The question I have is about the fuel pump. It has a walbro pump which is high pressure, going through a regulator obviously. Do you guys just run the pump without a safety switch? Or does anyone use a rollover switch at all? If you wreck hard enough that you can't shut off the switches, it's hard to turn off the flow of fuel to a broken line.