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restricted 600 problems

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  • restricted 600 problems

    We are new to micro racing. Last fall my son took a few laps with a car for a test run. It was a good deal so we got the car for him, minus the carbs. I got a set of rebuilt Odem carbs and a new restrictor plate, but we couldn't get it to run right. It was flooding out, and fuel was pushing past the floats flooding the engine. I could not get the pressure to drop below 6psi, so I got a new regulator. Now I am running 3.5 to 4 pounds of pressure. The engine will start and run for a short one or two seconds and die. After a few tries it will idle, but I cant get it above an idle. Throttle it up and it will wind up for a second then die.

    I suspect that it is running too lean or pulling too much air. How do I adjust fuel flow, or is there something I'm missing?

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    what year & make of engine


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      Sorry, thought I added that to my original post!
      silver '02 Yamaha 600.


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        Not a lot of activity here. I am thinking that the air filters are too open leaning out the fuel mixture. I have read a lot of people say they tape off their intake, so how does one do this? Just wrap tape around the filter until the desired opening is achieved to make it run right?


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          I know they sell chambered airboxes on for r6's (for restrictors), not sure if that would help. As far as taping, you would just tape the filter.