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  • *Lindas *

    i know there was a post about the track awhile back about their racing surface, how is it now? trying to see what we can expect for the nationals. is there more than 1 groove? tire wear? faster lap times? any input would be great.

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    track surface has been really good. tire wear has been good 12-15's there is a narrow 2nd groove but hopefully it gets a little wider. i expect the next three weeks will be pretty good. plenty of moisture and the lower temps help keep it in the surface
    Wayne Lesher


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      Hey Wayne ,how is the banking compared to last year,and has there been a big change in car setup?


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        There is a little less banking but the track has been very nice! I've run an RD15 the last few times we raced there (very little wear). I probably could have gotten away with an RD12. They have had the weather on their side but its definitely an improvement from the PA Speedweek race. Car setup is about the same. My biggest piece of advice is...stay away from the tires!