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    I like what Tim Dietz is doing at Trail-Way by having a meeting for the discussion of rule changes. Make sure your track rep knows how you feel about the rules. If your track does not have a rep yet, get it done.

    One thing that we need to discuss at the September meeting is if we want the U6SA to set rules for items other than Engines. The origainal purpose of last years meeting was to get a handle on the engine rules, the topics of spec tires and bladders were discussed just because someone brought them up. Do we want the U6SA to decide on a standard set of chassis specs? Safety spces? Where does the tire rule proposal fit into all this?

    In the end it is up to the tracks to accept our rule package. Most of the tracks live off the back gate, we just need to bring to the table what the racer wants.

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    How do we know which tracks have a rep and which tracks still don't have one? Is there a list somewhere that has this information?

    Zach Light

    Winning isn't about how hard you can hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.


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      Good point. As of now Tim Dietz is the rep at Trail-Way and Randy Brookens at Path Valley. I have not heard from the other tracks yet. Please ask at your track this weekend and post on here if you get any new information. Thank you.


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        I have given your account access to post stickies in this forum so that you can sticky and maintain a list of tracks and reps or anything else you feel needed at the top of this forum.


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          Thanks Bud !