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  • Wow!

    That was fast, thank you Jason.

    A couple of notes:
    Don't forget we need a 600 representative from each U6SA track. I saw Path Valley had a list of nominees posted, that is a great way to get the ball rolling. This representative will have a vote in the fall meeting, so if you have any rule changes or concerns, this is the person you will want to represent you and your ideas to the association.
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    Actually our resident computer guru Bud M. AKA. rm-rf was already on it when I PM'd him to add it. We try to stay here on the board as much as possible to make sure everything is running smooth. I want to thank Bud for all of his hard work to make the new a reality.


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      If there is any thanks in order I think it belongs to you guys.

      It is the dedication to the sport that you guys show that keeps me going on here every night to the wee hours of the morning.

      Mike and I go way back. His dedication to the sport and his driving skills impressed me years ago before there was a Hyper Racing and both have only improved with age.

      Jason's work load involving everything he does for this sport scares even me!

      I think the U6SA is a great thing. Anything I can do to help is an honor on my part.

      With out you guys and all of the members who frequent these forums what I do here here would have no meaning nor purpose.

      Keep up the good work both of you.

      Thanks to all of you,


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        can we post............

        can we post opinions or questions here for the association to consider at the fall meeting?
        Wayne Lesher


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          Wayne that is a great idea. It would be a great way to share any ideas or concerns.


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            Wayne, You can be guaranteed that at least I will read these posts, and hopefully other U6SA association members will come here to read the posted ideas.

            Actual suggested changes to rules need to be in a written format and given to your representative or email them to me. I cannot guarantee that a suggested rule change posted in this forum will be brought up at the meeting, that is not how the by-laws are setup at this point. Although if it is written correctly and in good faith, I am sure it will not go unmentioned.

            So far I have not had any suggested changes. I guess that means most people are happy?

            Bud M. I still remember the little tires you tried when you were helping Drew Heistand. Things have changed a lot, that's what keeps me going, the constant challenge of growing, both as a person and as a race car driver and builder.

            We keep learning more and more about less and less, until eventually we will know everything about nothing.


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              Them lil tires were awsome on that car at GVAT. The 3 pistons in one night was a whole nother subject however


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                I have a question regarding the track rep. When he goes to the meetings to vote on something does he vote the way he sees fit or is he there to carry the vote for the majority of the track he represents? Thanks Dave Bodine


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                  i whant to know more about the rules on the rods i bought a car with rods in it and i was talking to people that said they don't gain hp they are just for longevity so y are they illegal? and one person said they are expensive like 1,200 and i talked with someone else and said that they resurched it on the internet and they weren't much more than the stock ones. How much are they to take out over the winter i am going to have to get them taken out because gvat is going to make them illegal next year or that is what i heard from alot of people. thanks.


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                    May I suggest everyone make a seperate thread with their questions or comments if they are not related. This will make it easier for those who answer the questions and also easier for others to follow the train of discussion.


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                      The idea is that the track rep will represent all those at his track. I know there is no way to guarantee this, but if a person of integrity is voted to be the rep, the plan should work. Talk to and know the person you are voting for, know his stance on the issues you are most concerned about, and vote accordingly.


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                        Have all of the track reps been voted for yet? If not I think we can set-up an automatic vote right here on the boards. We can have a poll for each track with nominees then the votes would be cast on that tracks poll.