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  • Rods

    I whant to know more about the rules on the rods i bought a car with rods in it and i was talking to people that said they don't gain hp they are just for longevity so y are they illegal? and one person said they are expensive like $1,200 and i talked with someone else and said that they resurched it on the internet and they weren't much more than the stock ones. How much are they to take out over the winter i am going to have to get them taken out because gvat is going to make them illegal next year or that is what i heard from alot of people. thanks.

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    They are not legal now under the U6SA rules. Greenwood Valley made an exception to the connecting rod rule for this year only. I am not sure how much it is to get them replaced, you will have to call someone like Spar 717-600-7168 to find out.

    Aftermarket rods were never legal under U6SA or the old PA rules.


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      It may be more economical to sell the engine to someone out west and get a new stock one done. With the price you can get for the engine with the aftermarket rods you should be able to get a new engine and have someone like Spar Engines go over it.


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        yea but i don't know how much the prev owner put into the engine in other stuff ive heard you can put alot of money into the engines into the cams and pistons and stuff it might be worth just swapping the rods I have the stock rods.


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          I am assuming they are carrillo rods. Yes the main advantage is strength and longer serviceability. They do offer a bit better reciprocating mass and can add some slight acceleration and horsepower advantages. Your engine should be able to be changed back to stock rods easily.