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  • Safety equipment rules

    Simpson has a new seat belt system called the D3. is this legal for us to use. It seems like it would simplify trying to get the arm restraints on to me.
    from the web page it states
    Simpson is proud to introduce one of the biggest innovations in restraint technology since the buckle. Race proven, the D3 provides the ease and convenience of a sewn in harness without the harness being sewn in to the lap belt. Its unique design eliminates two links but still allows the shoulder harness to be joined closely together at the buckle emulating a five point latch and link system.

    Drop Forged alloy steel with cadmium plating
    Standard military specification polyester webbing
    Pull down or pull up adjusters
    Adjuster includes anti-slip springs
    Floor mount bolt-in or wrap around
    Anti submarine belt
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    Looks like ALOT less hassle to get them hooked together since you only have 3 pieces to hook together(unless your arm restraints are there then 5) compared to the 5 pieces now.
    Brian Wegener
    01 Micro


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      Nice design, I wish the lap belt adjuster was on the buckle , with micro sprints, there is not much room to get your hands in there to tighten these up.


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        Now I found this under the new Robby Gordon off road section in the Simpson web page. I dont see any kind of SFI rating or such. That is why I was asking if this is ok to run or not.
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          As far as I know the tracks do not mandate an SFI patch, just a date patch where they cannot be any more that two years old at some tracks.

          Right now the U6SA was origanally designed for uniform engine rules. That is one thing we need to discuss this fall is do we want to have a uniform set of safety and chassis rules as well. It may be more difficult to get the tracks to agree on a standard set of these kind of rules.


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            fuel cell bladder tech

            Mike, do you know any of the tracks position on what the fuel cell bladder rule will look like? anyone you talk to indicate that the RCI unit will be approved, or if a bladder will have to be within certin mfg dates?


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              The way the rule is written now, it only states that a fuel bladder is mandatory. The RCI system meets this definition. Bob form RCI sent me a tank to look at. It looks very safe. The only problem I se is the fact that it only holds 4 gallons of fuel. This is enough to finish 95% of our races, but it is the big long races that you will not be able to run with this tank.