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Aftermarket Ecu Rule Change

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  • Aftermarket Ecu Rule Change

    Please look at the following link for info on an aftermarket ecu that would benefit guys running MFI or Carbs.... as some may have issues especially with R6's getting a harness and ecu to work with carbs or MFI

    The ignition only system retails for $595 they also sell a complete fully adjustable ecu system which will run on any engine regardless of brand for $ 1075

    This would really help open up the corner we have been put in but being limited to stock ecu's and the handful of people who sell the conversions.

    Rick Odum has also perfected this as well and is a very good source for tech help and getting going with it

    I have run the bigger Ecu on my MFI.... very simple to wire very simple to change any setting in your ecu via your own laptop from timing to rev limit to fuel etc

    Please consider voting this in as it gives you options and if you decide to switch motor brands you don't have to change anything but maybe your connectors and some settings in your ecu

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    I run the $500 dollar odum ecu in my car and it's great, as stated very simple, very cost effective and odum has great support, plus it's easy to tech!
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      this is my new rule proposal . any ecu may be used rev limit must be set for engine it is on 16100 for 600 cc 14700 636cc if found illegal ecu is confiscated and destroyed 2. any ecu found to contain more than two fuel maps or rev limits that allow the engine above set parameters of legal u6sa will be deemed illegal no matter how it is switched [i.e. unplugging plug and or any switch ] 3. driver of said car will be banned from competition for a period of no less than thirty days from all u6sa tracks . if the infaction is after sept 15 the suspension will run thru april 30 following year


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        rule change

        I have submitted this to the director via email to be voted on ok scratch the destroyed part change to size and rechecked
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          suspensions are a great idea... minimum 30 days if found illegal.... 2nd time out for one year not season


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            Pj, can you plug in and download the data from this ecu? To check rpm limit set points?
            If so.. That makes it a assumptions tech


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              yes you can plug in and see what it is set at ..... just have to have laptop and free software which can be downloaded on their site.... ... I am not following what you mean " assumptions tech" ?


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                Damm auto correct.. Was supposed to say.. Makes a simple tech.


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