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2018-2020 Rules Update for U6SA

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  • 2018-2020 Rules Update for U6SA

    Hello Everyone,
    On Wednesday November 7th the rules meeting was held for U6SA to establish the rules for the 2018-2020 racing seasons. Over the next few weeks I'll be updating the rules in addition to creating a Facebook page for U6SA. Also, I will provide full detailed results of all the rule proposals, contact info for speedway tech personnel and more. At the meeting I was nominated as the new director for the upcoming three year term. The short version of the rule changes are:

    The wing rule was voted to be changed from suggested to mandatory.

    Standardized REV limits. 636cc - 14,800 RPM 600cc - 16,100 RPM

    ECU must match engine manufacturer. Ex: If you run a Yamaha engine it must be a Yamaha ECU

    Weight limit will be raised 25 lbs. Wingless will go from 750lbs to 775lbs. Winged will go from 775lbs. to 800lbs.

    I apologize as this is the most hectic time of year for me with a catalog needing to go to print and trade shows to attend but I should have everything updated and created by December 1. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me at (484)794-2993.

    Thank You
    Dave Ely
    U6SA Director