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Quarter Midget Wheel Bearing Removal

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  • Quarter Midget Wheel Bearing Removal

    Hi guys I'm completely new to the sport with my son and I could use some insight. I've found lots of helpful videos online but haven't been able to find one about removal of wheel bearings.

    Is there a certain way that the bearings should be removed? I've read about people removing them and cleaning them but not about how they get them out. One person did say to put them in a convection oven and at about 350 degrees they will fall out.
    Don't know if I believe that but I know my wife isn't going to go for that.

    On the hub there is the front one and the back one... what is the best way to get these out without damaging them? On a regular car I would just beat them out and replace them but on this quarter midget I simply want to remove them, clean them and put them back in the car.

    Any help or suggestions?
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